80's Hair Metal (Vol 1)


80’s Hair Metal IR’s (All 3 Sigma Audio):

ACE 1960V = ACE Marshall 1960V
ACE HiW = ACE Hi Watt
ACE Twin = ACE Fender 65 Twin
ACE VX 30 = ACE Vox AC30
ACE BadC = ACE Bad Cat
ACE Bog = ACE Bogner Uberkab

The ACE IR’s are updated versions of the original 3 Sigma Audio IR’s, they’re a free upgrade from the 3 Sigma website, just login to your account and download the same files, the ACE IR’s will be in the WAV folders

I combine the original 3 Sigma IR’s with ACE IR’s in this package…if it doesn’t say ACE first, then it’s the original version


Hell On Wheels  -  ACE HiW 1a & ACE 1960V 3a
Tell No Tales  -  1960V 3a & ACE Bog 3a
Back On The Streets  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Vai-Snake  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Hungry  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Sweet Child O’ Mine  -  ACE 1960V 3a & HiW 3a
New Girl Now  -  ACE 1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Cherry Pie  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Get It On  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
F#9  -  1960V 1a & HiW 1a
Nothing But A Good Time  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Shake Me  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Burning Like A Flame  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
Rock The Night  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a
2 Minutes To Midnight  -  1960V 3a & HiW 3a


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