Custom Presets (Vol 2)


PLEASE NOTE: Most all of my presets use 3rd Party Impulse Responses (IR's) from 3Sigma Audio and those IR's must be purchased separately from 3Sigma Audio. Information regarding the specific IR's used in each pack or preset is available in the preset's descriptions. For more information visit 3Sigma Audio.

** Impulse Responses (IR's) used in this pack:
ACE 1960V = ACE Marshall 1960V
    ACE HiW = ACE Hi Watt
   ACE Twin = ACE Fender 65 Twin
 ACE VX 30 = ACE Vox AC30
  ACE BadC = ACE Bad Cat
    ACE Bog = ACE Bogner Uberkab

The ACE IR’s are updated versions of the original 3 Sigma Audio IR’s, they’re a free upgrade from the 3 Sigma website, just login to your account and download the same files, the ACE IR’s will be in the WAV folders

I combine the original 3 Sigma IR’s with ACE IR’s in this package…if it doesn’t say ACE first, then it’s the original version


The IR's listed below from left to right are used in the presets starting with the IR Block found in the uppermost path of the preset to the IR Block found in the lowermost path of the preset.
Don’t You Forget About Me  -  ACE 1960V 3a & ACE 1960V 1a
Run To You  -  HiW 1a & BadC 3a
House Of Broken Love  -  HiW 5a & Twin 3a (Top Path)
                                     HiW 3a & 1960V 3a (Bottom Path)

Power Of Love  -  ACE 1960V 3a & ACE 1960V 5a

Can’t Buy Me Love  -  Twin 1a & BadC 1a

Time After Time  -  Twin 3a & ACE BadC 3a

I Just Died…  -  ACE 1960V 3a & ACE HiW 3a

We Built This City  -  ACE HiW 1a & ACE 1960V3a

Sunday Papers  -  ACE Twin 1a & ACE BadC 3a

All Hell’s Breaking Loose  -  1960V 3a & 1960V 1a

Custom Blues  -  BadC 3a & HiW 5a

Hippie Funk  -  HiW 5a & Twin 3a

Should’ve Known Better  -  HiW 5a & 1960V 3a

Rich Fuzz  -  HiW 5a & 1960V 3a

Footloose  -  HiW 5a & Bad C 3a
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