90's Grunge


PLEASE NOTE: Many of my presets use Impulse Responses (IR's) from either 3Sigma Audio or my own Tone Tubby IR. My IR is FREE but 3Sigma IR's must be purchased separately from 3Sigma Audio. Information regarding the specific IR's used in each pack or preset is available in the preset's descriptions. For more information visit 3Sigma Audio.

Click HERE to download my Tone Tubby IR.

** Impulse Responses (IR's) used in this pack:
Bad Cat (2x12) 3a
Bogner Uberkab 1a 
Bogner Uberkab 3a 
Bogner Uberkab 3b 
Fender 65 Twin 3a
Marshall 1960V 1a
Marshall 1960v 3a
Marshall 1960V 3a & 3b 
Marshall 1960v 3b 
Marshall 1960v 5a 
Marshall 1960V 5b 
Marshall 1960vV 3a
Port City (2x12) 3b 
Vox AC30 1a
Vox AC30 3a


The IR's listed below from left to right are used in the presets starting with the IR Block found in the uppermost path of the preset to the IR Block found in the lowermost path of the preset.
between the eyes - Marshall 1960v 3a - Marshall 1960v 5a 
black hole sun - Marshall 1960V 3a - Marshall 1960V 3b 
creep - Vox AC30 3a - Marshall 1960V 3a 
even flow - Marshall 1960vV 3a - Marshall 1960V 5b 
far behind - Port City (2x12) 3b - Bogner Uberkab 3a 
feel the pain - Marshall 1960V 1a - Bogner Uberkab 3b 
machinehead - Marshall 1960V 3a - Marshall 1960V 5b
outshined - Marshall 1960v 3a - Bogner Uberkab 3a
plowed - Marshall 1960v 3b - Bogner Uberkab 3a
plush - Marshall 1960V 3a - Bogner Uberkab 3b 
pretend we're... - Marshall 1960V 1a - Marshall 1960V 3a 
rainin' - Vox AC30 1a - Bogner Uberkab 1a 
rooster - Fender 65 Twin 3a - Marshall 1960V 3a & 3b 
smells like teen - Bad Cat (2x12) 3a - Marshall 1960V 3a 
tomorrow - Vox AC30 3a - Marshall 1960v 5a
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