Q - Where do I find the Impulse Responses (IR's)?

A - Many of my presets use Impulse Responses (IR's) from either 3Sigma Audio or my own Tone Tubby IR. My IR is FREE but 3Sigma IR's must be purchased separately from 3Sigma Audio. Information regarding the specific IR's used in each pack or preset is available in the preset's descriptions. For more information visit 3Sigma Audio.

Click HERE to download my Tone Tubby IR.

Q - What is the "Tone Tubby" IR?

A - The "Tony Tubby" IR is an IR that I had made and share freely.  It was created using my Marshall 1982a. 4 x 12 cabinet which contains a 2012 Tone Tubby speaker.  For more information, check out this video and click HERE to download my Tone Tubby IR.


Q - What are your favorite IR's from 3Sigma Audio?

A - I use the following six IR packs from 3Sigma Audio for just about everything:

  • Marshall 1960V 4x12
  • Hi Watt 4x12
  • Bogner Uberkab 4x12
  • Fender 65 Twin 2x12
  • Vox AC30 2x12
  • Bad Cat 2x12